Where is the powere adapter?

I just received my Avantree Oasis transmitter/receiver from Amazon. My intended use is to connect the device to my stereo receiver so that I can transmit TV audio to headphones and to transmit music to wireless speakers throughout my home.

Power is provided to the device via USB cable, which is standard on one side and micro on the other. but there is no POWER brick in which to plug the standard side.

Avantree makes the assumption that the device will be connected to a TV, which has a USB connection.

As I described above, this is not my intended use.

I contacted technical support who suggested that I go on Amazon and purchase the power brick. I refused as I believe this ABSOLUTELY should be provided.

Support then suggested that I plug it into a computer so that I can get power.

Really? I'm supposed to set up a computer in my living room just to power the device? I already own a computer which is set up in my office. Am I to go out an buy a computer for this purpose?

I finally insisted that they send an adapter. Support took my name and email address and said they would make a request. If it comes from the USA, it will be here in 3-5 days. If not, it will ship from China and will require 2 weeks.

You guys provide wires for every possible connection contingency, but for power, no such attention to detail. It's like buying a car and telling me that the battery isn't included and that I have to go to the local auto parts store and buy one.


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