Bluetooth Adapters

【Important notice】 Before pairing, make sure both devices are in pairing mode. If you don’t know, please refer to the user manual, or google model + pairing mode (i.e. Sony MDRXB950BT/B)

DG40S (BTDG-40S)

Oasis (BTTC-500)

Audikast (BTTC-418-BLK)

Priva III (BTTC-318-BLK)

HT3187 (BTHT-3187-BLK)

New Saturn Pro (BTTC-200L-TTNF)


Lock (BTTC-200L-NAB-DB)

Priva IIA(BTTC-318-CHP)

Roxa Plus (BTRC-300L-BLK)

Clipper Pro (BTHS-AS7L-BGY/BLK)

TC026 (BTTC-026-BLK)

A pair of Sarturn Pro (BTTC-200L-TTN-DB)

Leaf (DG50)

Priva II (BTTC-318)

Saturn Pro (BTTC-200L)

Priva (BTTC-400)

Saturn (BTTC-200X)

Roxa (BTRC-300)