10BS/10BP - Troubleshooting - No sound come out from 10BS/10BP in calls


If the sound doesn't come out from 10BS/10BP, please check below:


1. Please make sure that 10BS/10BP is well connected with your phone; or you can try to play music through 10BS/10BP to confirm whether it is connected.

If not, pls check below to connect:

Normally, if 10BS/10BP has connected with your phone, when an incoming call comes in, 10BS/10BP will ring to announce and you can answer the call by pressing the volume button on 10BS/10BP.


2. If connected but it still doesn't work, it might because of your phone setting. 

For some Android mobile phone, please make sure the profile for Phone Audio and Media Audio are both activated.

Method: Phone settings - Bluetooth - Paired Devices - Avantree 10BS/10BP(a setting symbol behind it) - Active both Phone and Media profile.



1. If you want to hear from 10BS/10BP in the call, please press the MFB to answer the phone calls, instead of answering from phone. 


2. If you connected with 2 bluetooth devices such as a headphone and a carkit and you want to hear from carkit, please remember to choose ck11 for output.  


After doing above, the sound should come out from CK11. If not, pls drop an email at support@avantree.com. We will have further assistant. 

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