DG59 - Guide - Use with Apple computer / Mac


Pair and Connect 

  • Plug the BT adapter into your PC/laptop 

(Note: To ensure a best operational range, please use the provided extension cable to keep DG59 dongle in the front of the computer)



  • Turn ON the BT headphones (HOLD button for 3 seconds) 


  • Keep them close and wait, the devices can be paired automatically, once connected you'll hear "connected" and LED shows solid BLUE
  • Once Mac recognize Leaf, you can found "Avantree DG59" by click speaker icon on top task-bar.

3. Select "Avantree DG59" as a Output Device. And now you can stream audio from Leaf. 

4. If you want use the microphone of Bluetooth headphones which connected to Leaf, please set "Avantree DG59" as a input out device.

Any questions please feel free to contact support@avantree.com

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