Oasis Plus - Troubleshooting - Use with TV - No Sound / Not Working


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All set up but can't hear anything through your headphones? Please follow the troubleshooting steps below:


Step 1: Check the "A" icon on your Oasis Plus, is it lit and not flashing?

If YES - Awesome! Proceed to step 2!

If NO - Your Oasis Plus has NOT been Bluetooth paired with your headphone, please pair them. If you have trouble pairing, please refer to Oasis Plus - Troubleshooting - Can't Pair.


Step 2: Check your Headphone's user manual. What does your headphone's LED look like when it has been successfully paired? Is your headphone doing that?

If YES - Great! Proceed to step 3!

If NO - Your headphone has NOT been paired with your Oasis Plus, please pair them. If you have trouble pairing, please refer to Oasis Plus - Troubleshooting - Can't Pair.


Step 3: Turn off your headphone, did the "A" icon dim out?

If YES - Nice! That means your headphone has been properly paired with your Oasis Plus! Please proceed to step 4!

if NO - Looks like either your headphone or your Oasis Plus has accidentally paired with something else! Please factory reset both of them. 

Resetting the Oasis Plus - Oasis Plus - Guide - Factory Reset.

Resetting your headphone - Please refer to your headphone's user manual.


Step 4: Has your Oasis Plus been properly connected to your TV?

Double check with this article:  How to connect to TV.


IF your answers have all been YES so far yet there's no sound, it's time to call your TV manufacturer! Not sure what to ask them? Don't worry, we've got your back! please see below:

If you're using Optical digital connection: How can I adjust my TV's audio output to PCM?

If you're using AUX connection: How can I make the TV audio come out through headphones?

If you're using RCA connection: How can I set my audio out to "external speakers?"


OR you can take a look at the section below. Please note that this is only a general idea of what it may look like; different TV brands will have different menus.


Step 5: Adjust your TV settings

5.1 For Optical:

Adjust your Speakers setting to "External Speakers"

Please adjust your Audio format to PCM


5.2 For AUX: 

Adjust your Speakers setting to "Headset"


5.3 For RCA:

Make sure you only use the RCA ports labeled "AUDIO OUT," other ones won't work!


Adjust your Speakers setting to "External Speakers"





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