Oasis Plus - Troubleshooting - Not Working (New, never used before)


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Before getting into it, take a look at this USER GUIDE, and try setting up again.

If it still can't work, please follow the steps below and let us figure out what exactly is wrong: 


1. Take a look at the "TX" and the "RX" indicators on your Oasis Plus. Is either one of them lit and/or flashing?

If NOT, go to Oasis Plus - Guide - How to Power ON.

If YES, go to 2.


2. Take a look at the "A" indicator on your Oasis Plus. Has it been lit up?

If NOT, go to the "How to pair with your headphone" section in THIS ARTICLE.

If YES, proceed to 3.


3. Turn off your headphones, did the "A" indicator turn off is well?

If NOT, go to Oasis Plus - Troubleshooting - Doesn't pair / Can't connect.

If YES, proceed to 4.


4. Did you connect your Oasis Plus to your TV / Receiver? There are 3 ways to do it, please only use ONE.

This article will help: Oasis Plus - Guide - How to Connect to TV.

Method 1: Optical


Method 2: AUX



Method 3: RCA




5. Turn on your TV, put on your headphones. Can you hear your TV through the headphones now?

If NOT, go here: Oasis Plus - Troubleshooting - No Sound.

If YES, yay! you're all good to go now!



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