HT4189 - Troubleshooting - AS9S headphones can't charge


Keywords: HT4189, headphones, cannot, charge


There are THREE possibilities if the headset can't charge

  1. Faulty USB charging cable 
  2. Faulty Power source
  3. Defective headphones. 


  1. Faulty USB charging cable 

To exclude this, please change another workable UBS charging cable to see if it works. If it works, then we can conclude the not charging issue is caused by faulty the charging cable, pls contact us for a new cable replaced. If it still doesn't work, please move to the next option 2.

     2Faulty Power source

Please change another power source like PC USB port, socket, different USB charger(5V/500mA-2A). If it still doesn't work, please move to the next option 3.

     3. Defective headphones

If still no red LED light when in charge, and when you press and hold the MFB button of the headphones for 2-5s, the headphones can't turn on, then the headphone might be defective. Please contact for replacement.



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    Bonnie South

    There was no cable with a male plug and usb for charging the headsets enclosed. So I purchased one with 3.5 Male Aux audio jack to usb 2.0 male charge cable adapter (usb male). The red light blinks but does not stay on. I absolutely love these HP but they just won't charge.

    They are HT4189 wireless headphones and transmitter set