Priva III/IIA - Troubleshooting - Getting Hot


Keywords: Priva III, 318,  does not work, getting hot



Key Questions to Ask: 

1, Did you use Priva III on TV, AV Receiver or any other device? Did you use the AUX output or RCA output?

2, How long have you used Priva III before it gets hot? Upon arrival? After 2 weeks or one month?



Most possible cause: 

Priva III is plugged into RCA ports on AV Receiver - Priva III is NOT compatible with any RCA ports on AV Receiver. If you use it on AV Receiver, only use with the big phone jack on front panel of AV Receiver. 


If you use Priva III only on TV but Priva III still gets hot, then contact for replacement pls. 


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