TWS109 - Troubleshooting - One side sound cuts out


keywords: TWS109, true wireless, cut, drop out, short range, lose connection, android, not working, left side

1.There is a known compatible issue between Android 8.0 and above and the first batch (Lot NO.: 17F1 ). If you received the 17F1 ones and you use Android 8.0 and above, pls contact to get a replacement from new batch.

How to check your phone version & Lot NO. of the headset you received:


If not as above, pls go to 2

2.Turn off and turn on both earbuds again. Is the left one connected well with right one?

Connected: LED on both easbuds flashes BLUE twice every 5s (18B1)/ once every 3s (17F1) 

Not connected: LED on the Left earbud flashes BLUE once every 1s


(1) If left isn’t connected with right one, please try to connect them manually as following: 

(2) If left is connected well with right one but still get one side sound, pls contact us at


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