TWS109 - Troubleshooting - Sound cuts in and out / short range


keywords: TWS109, true wireless, cut, drop out, short range, lose connection


Key Questions to Ask:

1. What device did you use with TWS109? mobile phone? What model is it?

2. What situation did the sound cutting happen?

  • Music streaming or watching video?
  • What app did you use?
  • How's the range between the connected device and TWS109, when the sound cutting happen?



There are two situations for sound dropping out when use them as a pair of true wireless earbuds.

1. Only sound from left earbud cuts in and out

2. Sound from both earbuds drop out

Please refer to the following troubleshooting:

Only sound from LEFT earbud cuts in and out - it means bad connection between the both earphones.

Sound from both earbuds drop out - Since the RIGHT earpiece is the MASTER, it means bad connection between the mobile device and the right earpiece.

  • Please try to clear pairing history and try again
  • Please make sure you put the smart phone at the RIGHT SIDE of your body for better connection with master piece.
  • Please stay away from any interfered environment, such as wifi router, other Bluetooth device and any other wireless devices.

If none of the above works, please contact

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