TWS109 - Troubleshooting - No sound / One side sound / works


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Did you use TWS109 with Android 8.0 smartphone? And you purchase it before August with batch No. 17H1

If so, please contact us, we will send you the upgrade version as replacement for Android 8.0 system.

If you did not use TWS109 with Android 8.0 above system and still experience the same problem, please confirm the both earbuds are connected each other.

Once connected, you will hear “Left, right channels connected”. And the LEDs on both earbuds will flash BLUE twice every 5s or once every 3s.

If they aren't connected with each other, please follow below steps to manually pair them again:

TWS109 - Guide - How to connect two earbuds manually

Once you confirm the two earbuds are connected well, please try to connect to your phone again:

TWS109 - Guide - Connect to mobile device



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