ANC031 - Troubleshooting - Strange noise in ANC mode


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Could you please tell us

- How does the noise sound like? Static? Buzzing? Hissing?Distortion?

- Under which mode do you have this problem? ( Wired or Bluetooth? During music streaming or not? ANC ON or OFF?)

- How's the audio source volume level ? (40% ?60%? 80%?)

- How often can you hear the noise ? ( e.g. noise happens each 5 mins of streaming and it never stop)


Usage issue - 

Some wrong wearing ways may also cause noisy sound in ANC mode. 

1) Depending on how you wear the headset, the noise canceling effect may vary or a beeping sound (howling) may occur. In these cases, take off the headset and put it on again.

 *NOTE: ANC Headphones wrong usages include: Pressing hard on the ear pads housing, metal earrings covering the noise cancelling mic, removing the ear cushions, moving head or walking quickly.. 

2) The noise canceling effect may not be pronounced in a VERY quiet environment, or some white noise may be heard.


If you confirm the headphones usage is right and the Bluetooth operational range/Wired audio cable is fine, but the noise still exist please feel free to contact to kick off the replacement process. 

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