ANC031 - Troubleshooting - Not satisfied with ANC performance


Thanks so much for choosing Avantree and contacting us, we are so sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the ANC function of the headphone. Please read the following points to know ANC function better: ) 

  1. ANC function can ONLY reduce the noise of low frequency noises in the range of 20HZ-800HZ. Also, although the consistent Low Frequency ambient noise can be reduced effectively, the noises are can NOT be canceled completely.
  2. The noise canceling effect may not be pronounced in a very quiet environment, or some noise may be heard.
  3. ANC031 is a cost-effective entry level ANC headphone with up to 22dB noise cancellation performance. We also have other models of ANC headphones with better ANC performance - ANC041 (up to 37dB ANC performance - $99.99).


Here are two options –

Option1 - Please let us know (contact if you’d like to pay the difference and change other ANC headphones. 

Option2 – If you really don’t want to change other models please contact .

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