TWS110 - Guide - Connect to a mobile device


NOTE: Pair the RIGHT earbud with your mobile device ONLY.

First use >
1. Remove the earbuds from the charging case to power on - First the RIGHT earbud; then the LEFT. They will connect to each other, and then the RIGHT earbud will enter pairing mode within 5-10s. Its LED light will flash WHITE and RED alternately.
2. Activate Bluetooth on your device. Search and select “Avantree TWS110” to connect. All the LEDs will turn off once connected. Now you can stream audio.

After first use (Reconnect), please >
1. Ensure the Bluetooth on your device is on.
2. Turn on the RIGHT earbud then the LEFT. Wait for 5~10 seconds, they will connect to the LAST PAIRED device.

Note: If it fails to reconnect, please click “Avantree TWS110” on your device to manually connect.

Connect to a NEW device>
1. Make sure the Bluetooth on previously connected device is off.
2. Follow the steps in the “First use” section above to connect to a new device.

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