HT4189 - Troubleshooting - TV Audio Format setting.

Keywords:HT4189, 4189, digital output, PCM, LG, Samsung


Bluetooth transmitter only decode PCM but NOT Dolby/DTS, while using optical audio out on TV, you may need to change TV audio format setting, otherwise, you will find no sound coming from Bluetooth headphone. 


If your TV is LG:

Then you may change TV digital output setting to PCM as following:

You will find "Auto" "PCM" available, Auto will set the output type automatically by content type, PCM sets all output to PCM. Here, we need to select "PCM".



If your TV is Samsung:

  • Press Home on your Smart Remote, to access the Home Screen.



  • Navigate to Settings > Sound.   US_ANS_TV-HT_TV_4KS-setting-1.jpg


  • Select Expert Settings >Audio Format > PCM





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