HS063 - Troubleshooting - Re-connection issue (use with Audikast/ PrivaIII)

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If you use TWO HS063 with Avantree PrivaIII / Audikast, and you found there exits re-connection (need to pair them each time, can't re-connection successfully) 

Here are some questions we'd like to know first, please provide answers to support@avantree.com 

1) expect the two headphones, did you use PrivaIII / Audikast connect with other devices before?

2) How often do you turn off the PrivaIII / Audikast?

3) Which device do you turn on first? PrivaIII / Audikast or one of the two headphones?

4) Did you use one of the headphones connect with PrivaIII / Audikast in "single link" before? How's the re-connection? 

5) Please note, the headphones can only re-connect the last connected devices.


Please use the following steps try to fix the devices work well - 

> Please reset the PrivaIII / Audikast

> Please reset the headphones 

Then re-pair the headphones, please ensure the PrivaIII / Audikast connect with the two headphones only.

> Reconnection knowledge of PrivaIII / Audikast

If the above solution is helpless please contact  support@avantree.com for help! 

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