Oasis Plus - Troubleshooting - Audio delay


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If you still experiencing audio delay when using Avantree Oasis, then pls check below - 

1. Does your other Bluetooth device Support aptX Low Latency?

aptX Low Latency takes two sides to achieve - transmission side and receiving side. Check www.aptx.com for the qualified aptX LL products. Some products on the market claim to be aptX LL support, but actually the software inside is NOT well-tuned so the connect codec is not aptX Low latency.

2. Switch LL/HD priority switch of Oasis Plus to LL priority

3. Is the current connection under aptX Low Latency or simply aptX or SBC.

Oasis Plus - You should see LED as LL on the screen

Here are scentific numbers about Bluetooth audio delay with different codec >


If you are looking for a aptX Low Latency device, here are your choices from Avantree

Bluetooth Over Ear headphones - Avantree Audition Pro, ANC041

Bluetooth Clip on Adapters (for wired headphones) - Avantree Clipper Pro

Bluetooth Speakers - Avantree 006P

Bluetooth Transmitters - Avantree Priva III, IIA, Oasis, Oasis Plus, Audikast, 200L, Lock, etc.

Bluetooth Receivers - Avantree Oasis, Oasis Plus, Roxa Plus, Lock

USB PC Bluetooth adapter - Avantree Leaf

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