HT280 - Troubleshooting - Not working / no sound.


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Troubleshooting Questions Highlights:

1. Connection issue - Does LED indicator on headphones stay SOLID YELLOW-GREEN or flashes

2. Signal issue - Which audio port on TV do you plug the transmitter into? The digital optical port? the RCA port that labeled "AUDIO OUT"? the headphone jack?

3. Switch issue - Which position is the "AUDIO IN SELECT" on the transmitter switched to? OPT? COAX? RCA?


1. Connection Issues - Headphone and transmitter are NOT properly reconnected.

Turn off and on both headphone and transmitter, they should auto connect to each other, once connected successfully, LED indicator close to _____20180705171003.png on headphone will turn YELLOW-GREEN.




2. Signal Issue - No audio signal into the transmitter
If connected using
Optical Port:
1) Ensure your TV audio format is set to “PCM” or “DOLBY/DTS is OFF.


2) Change your TV audio out setting to “External Speaker” or the "TV Internal Speaker" is OFF.


If connected using AUX/3.5mm port:
Plug your wired headphone directly to the port, check if the sound is normal. If no sound, ensure change your TV audio out setting to “Headset” or the "TV Internal Speaker" is OFF.



If connected using the RCA ports:
Plug your wired headphone to the RCA ports with RCA audio cable, check if the sound is normal. If no sound,
1) Ensure use the Red/White ports labeled “AUDIO OUT”. Other RCA ports are usually AUDIO IN and incorrect;


2) Change your TV audio out setting to “External Speaker” or the "TV Internal Speaker" is OFF.



3. Switch Issue - Transmitter Audio In Select Switch setting is not correct
Slide the Audio In Select Switch on transmitter to correct position:
- If using optical port, slide it to “OPTICAL

- If using AUX/RCA port, slide it to “AUDIO”.


- If using coaxial port, slide it to “COAXIAL”.





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