HT3189 - Troubleshooting - No sound while watching Amazon/Netflix Programs


Keywords: HT3189, 3189, Amazon, Netflix, hulu, no sound


While watching Amazon/Netflix programs with one Digital Analog Converter, and you experience no sound: 

1)Ensure your TV Audio Format is set to "PCM".

2)Change your TV audio out setting to "External Speaker".

Now, plug wired earbuds to the AUX output port of the Digital Analog Converter, check if you can hear sound. If no sound, it means Amazon/Netflix is outputting DOLBY/DTS signal which is NOT decoded by either your TV or the Digital Analog Converter.  So, there is no valid audio signal coming to the transmitter, that is why you cannot hear sound from Bluetooth headphone.

In this case, you need to replace your Digital Analog Converter(DAC) with one DAC that can decode Dolby/DTS. e.g.







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