Oasis Plus - Guide - Use two Oasis Plus as a pair


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To achieve the best range, you can use two Oasis Plus Transceiver as a pair, one connect to audio source as Bluetooth transmitter and the other one connect to speaker / sound system as Bluetooth Receiver. 

Here is the set up steps -

First, choose one as a Transmitter (TX unit) and the other as a receiver (RX unit).

Note: Turn off other nearby Bluetooth devices to avoid unintentionally pairing to other devices.

Follow the steps below to pair:

  • Set the RX unit to receiver mode -Slide TX/RX/OFF switch to the "RX" position.
  • Set the TX unit to transmitter mode -Slide TX/RX/OFF switch to the "TX" position. 
  • Slide LL/HD switch to “LL” or “HD priority” position,refer to “function & operation” table.
  • Set BOTH UNITS to pairing mode – Hold Bluetooth button for 2 seconds until the LEDs (“TX” on the TX unit and “RX” on the RX unit) flash alternating GREEN and WHITE
  • Keep devices close together and wait. Once connected, you will hear the voice prompt “ Ready for use.” from both units. LED device A will be on for both units.  
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