ANC032 - Troubleshooting - Short Battery Life / Can't Hold Charge



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There are THREE possibilities if the headset seems no longer hold a charge  

  1. The battery didn't fully recharged
  2. The battery life depends on the audio source type/ audio volume 
  3. Forget to switch off ANC function when don't use headphones. 


  1. Are headphones not properly well recharged?

If you hear a beep sound once a minute, you should recharge your headphones, Please plug it into a USB wall charger (DC 5V / 0.5-2A) or a powered computer USB port via attached micro USB cable. Normally it will take 2.5hours to fully charged, the LED will remain red when charging and will turn off when charging is complete. 


     2. Usage hours may be different depending on the settings and conditions of use (audio source type/ audio volume) 

The battery life depends on how loud you listen to music. Generally though, the play time of ANC032 in wireless mode is around 18 hours of playback on 60% music volume and up to 10 hours in wireless mode with ANC function activated.


    3. Forget to switch off ANC function when don't use headphones. 

 Power off the headphones but with ANC activated can also make battery power consumption, some consumers may forgot to switch off the ANC buttons by over night..and that's the reason of the battery drained quickly, so please confirm you turn off the headphones and switch off the ANC mode when you don't use them.. 


If the headphones still can't hold charge please provide your product "lot number" which print on the headband with CE FCC logo... ( maybe "17xx" or "18xx" ) , product order number to  to contact


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