HT4189 - Troubleshooting - Not working / no sound / not connected


Keywords: HT4189, not working, no sound, not connected


Key Questions to ask:

  1. Can you see solid blue LED from the transmitter? Did you hear "welcome to Avantree, CONNECTED" from the headphone when turned on? If yes, then the set is connected and ok.  Check the source >
  2. How did you connect the transmitter to the TV, via optical or RCA / AUX cable?
  3. If RCA / AUX, then connect your headphone to the TV with a wire and can you hear any sound?
  4. If digital, then did you change the TV setting to 'external speaker' and format as PCM?


Step 1 : Check the Audikast(the black square transmitter) and AS9S(headphone) are connected or not.


Connected indicators: 

  •  1.png close to A on Audikast turn SOLID BLUE
  • "FS" on Audikast lights up
  • LED on headphone stay SOLID BLUE


Not connected indicators: 

  •  1.png close to A on Audikast FLASHES but NOT stay SOLID BLUE
  • "FS" on Audikast does NOT light up
  • LED on headphone flashes BLUE once per 2 seconds


If connected, but still no sound, then go to below Step 2;

If not connected, pair and connect them referring to below link:


Step 2: Check if there is valid audio signal being fed into the Audikast.

- If connected using TV DIGITAL AUDIO OUT(OPTICAL), 

1) Ensure your TV audio format is set to “PCM” or "DOLBY/DTS" is off, Bluetooth adapter does not decode Dolby/DTS;

2) Change your TV audio OUT setting to “External Speaker”.

PCM.png    external_speaker.png

If you only experience no sound while using HT4189 for Netflix/Amazon Prime, then go to this link pls:

- If connected using TV RCA ports,

1) ONLY use the Red/White ports LABELED  “AUDIO OUT”. Other RCA ports are usually AUDIO IN and incorrect. Plug wired ear buds into the TV RCA ports with 3.5mm AUX to RCA audio cable, check if you can hear sound. 

2) Change your TV audio OUT setting to "External Speakers".

_____20180808163832.png     external_speaker.png


If connected using TV headphone jack,

1) Change your TV audio OUT setting to "Headset".

2) Plug wired ear buds or the headphone from HT4189 into the TV headphone jack or TV RCA audio out (via an adapter), check if you can hear sound. If no sound, then the TV is not outputting the right signal now. 


Step 3. If both above are excluded, please contact for free replacement.  



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