CK11 - Troubleshooting - No sound come out from CK11 / Can't connect with incoming calls


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When a call comes in, why I can't persuade the CK11 to answer via pressing the knob?

Please make sure that CK11 is well connected with your phone; or you can try to play music through CK11 to confirm whether it is connected.

Normally if CK11 has connected with your phone, when an incoming call comes in, CK11 will ring to announce and you can answer the call by pressing the MFB button on CK11. if it doesn't work, it may because of your phone setting. 

For some Android mobile phone, please make sure the profile for Phone Audio and Media Audio were active as the menu is Settings-Bluetooth-Paired Devices-Avantree CK11(a setting symbol behind it)-Active both Phone and Media profile.

If your phone doesn't activate these two settings, it will not permit to answer phone call or music via Bluetooth.


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