CK11 - Troubleshooting - Always says "Power off.... Power on"



1. Sometimes low battery could cause this issue. Please Make sure that the battery is well set and recharge it.

2. The car kit will automatically "Power off' if it does not connect to any device for 70 mins (for lot No.18J3,18J4,18L1,18L2,18L3). When it sense any motion, it will automatically "power on". Generally speaking, when you get into the car with phone bluetooh activated, it should say "power on" and  "connected". and then it will stay connected.

If the carkit is not connected, it will cycle "power on" and "power off". So please make sure it's well connected.


Did you hear CK11 say "connected"?

1). If yes but the carkit always power on/off, please check below:

2). If no, it means not connected. Please reconnect with the carkit first. 

Please turn on your phone Bluetooth and press once the volume knob on the car kit to reconnect.

If succeed, you will hear "connected"; 

If not, please check below:


If this does not solve the problem, pls contact for further assistant. 

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