CK11 - Troubleshooting - Low volume / bad sound quality / Interruption in call


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Key Questions to Ask:

Do you mean the volume is low or the sound is unclear or the sound quality is poor or the other side cannot hear you clearly?


1. Please note that CK11 is not recommended for use in trucks (due to cab dimensions and noise).

2. For low volume, please make sure that the both the volume of the car kit and phone is adjusted to the highest. (Note: The car kit can only be adjusted volume via knob when it is playing)

3. For bad sound quality, please confirm that whether it refers to the conversation or music.

·If it refers to the sound of music, we feel sorry that our car kit is ideal for conversation and the sound quality can't be compare with your car stereo.

·If you refers to the sound of conversation, you may have to reset to factory default settings and re-pair it.


If you have do the above troubleshooting and it still not work, please contact and tell us the details of the sound quality. 


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