CK11 - Troubleshooting - can't turn on / not working / can't charge


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1. Please try another charging cable and charger to make sure the charging cable and charger are good. Most smartphone chargers can charge it. Also make sure the charging cable is plugged tightly on both ends.

2. Please try to remove the battery and powered by the given charging cable to see whether it can work.

·If it can't be turned on normally, you may have received a defective car kit. For defective item, kindly contact us via and we will send you a replacement.


·If it can be turned on normally, it may be the problem of the battery. It should be caused by the faulty battery. If it is still under warranty, please contact us via and we will send you a replacement. Or you can buy a new battery yourself through the following link: 

Buy BL-5B Battery from Avantree official website / Amazon USA / Amazon UK / Amazon Germany / Amazon France / Amazon Italy /  Amazon Spain



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