Leaf - Troubleshooting - Airpods Reconnect - get low volume (50% )


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1. Leaf works with PS4 and Airpods

If you use Avantree Leaf with PS4 and pairs to Apple Airpods, they connect and the volume is normal for the first time use.From the second time use, Airpods auto reconnect Leaf, then you get only 50% volume. 

This shall be software conflict, Airpods auto reconnect Leaf will cause the low volume issue. 

To solve it. please make sure Leaf to auto reconnect Airpods each time - After two devices disconnected, press MFB button once on Leaf, Leaf LED flashes BLUE once per second when reconnect, then turn on Airpods, the volume will be normal.


Q: What if I use Leaf transmitter with my PS4, the sound that comes out to my headphones through this connection is very soft?
A: First, plug Leaf into a PC and connect with Airpod, scale up volume to maximum setting on computer. Second, disconnect Leaf with PC and use it on PS4, you will see volume through this connection is much larger than before.

2. Leaf works with PC and Airpods

If you use Avantree Leaf with PC and pairs to Apple Airpods, Airpods auto reconnect Leaf, the volume will go back the same volume as the last time use.

If Leaf auto reconnect Airpods, the PC volume will be 70% of full volume as default.


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