CK11 - Guide - Pair & Connect


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Normally on first use when you set the toggle switch to ON, it will automatically enter pairing mode. If not, you may also need to make it into paring mode.

Step 1 Power on CK11 by setting the toggle switch to ON.

Step 2 Press and hold the MFB for 3 seconds until LED indicators flashes BLUE and RED alternately with voice prompts "paring" to enter pairing mode.

Step 3 Activate Bluetooth on your phone; search and select “Avantree CK11” to reconnect.


1. Once paired and connected, the next time it will automatically reconnect to the last connected device.

2. If your phone can't connect successfully(“Avantree CK11” can't appear on the phone ), please try to clear the pairing devices on your phone, refresh or reboot the Bluetooth and then re-pair with CK11. Or you may have reset the car kit:

CK11 - Guide - Reset / Clear pairing history

3. For Android 2.0 below, you may be required a code to connect. Please try to input 0000/8888/1234 in your phone to connect.


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