Oasis Plus - Guide - wireless & wired(bypass)works simultaneously


If your family members in house who prefer to listen from seaker system when you from Bluetooth headphones with different volume, then you can use bluetooth/wired(bypass) mode for Oasis Plus.

1. Set up your audio device as below.

Important Note: Bypass can only work with the same type of input/output.eg. AUX input to AUX output or OPT input to OPT output.

1) TV, Oasis plus, speaker system, Bluetooth headphones

2) TV, AV receiver, Oasis plus, speaker system, Bluetooth headphones

Note: For most AV Receiver (e.g. Yamaha, Denon, etc.), we suggest you use the big headphone jack in the front. You need to get a 6.35mm to 3.5mm audio adapter. It only costs a few dollars from Amazon. 

Do NOT use the RCA ports on the back of an AV receiver. These are not suitable
and will not work or could even permanently damage your Oasis Plus product!

2. Slide Power/Mode switch TX postion on Oasis Plus

3.  Pair Oasis Plus with your headphones as instruction

4.  Then your family members and you can stream audio at different volume.

Any questions, please email to support@avantree.com.






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