DG40S / DG40SA - Troubleshooting - Driver Error Sign after Win 10 Update


Recently, after Win 10 update, for some user, they can see a driver error sign like below


      dg40_win10_error_1.png       DG40_win10_error_2.png

Please follow below steps to remove it. 

1. Go to Control Panel > Troubleshooting

2. Click on "Hardware and Sound"

3. Under "Device" Click on "Hardware and Devices - Find and fix problems with devices and hardware."

4. Follow the steps until computer tries to manually find problems.

5. It will say there is a problem with the "Bluetooth Radio" and it will try to fix it, but fail to.

6. Once finished, it will ask to restart computer

7. After restarted, your Bluetooth device was able to pick up signals.


If there are other issues, pls contact support@avantree.com for help. 

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    Bridget Johnson

    I tried all three Windows 10 options listed above several times. None worked.

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    Laney Hu

    Since that, please contact support@avantree.com for a free replacement. Thanks.