DG40s - Troubleshooting - Driver error sign (Win 10)

Recently, after Win 10 update, for some user, they can see a driver error sign like below


      dg40_win10_error_1.png       DG40_win10_error_2.png


1).If all works fine, you can just ignore this error sign. This might be related to the recent Win 10 update.

2).We get microsoft suggstion as below.  We are checking with clients if it really works, you can try and appreciate you share us your result by email to [email protected] 

Windows Key+X > Click Device Manager > Locate this dongle > Right click on this
A. Roll back the Driver
Click Properties > Go to Driver tab > If there is roll back option, click it
B. Uninstall Driver
Uninstall driver and reboot your computer
C. Update driver
Update driver

If there are other issues, pls contact us for help. [email protected] 


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    Bridget Johnson

    I tried all three Windows 10 options listed above several times. None worked.