Audikast - Troubleshooting - Static/noise when used with AV Receiver/TV

Keywords: Audikast, TC418, static, noise, AV Receiver 



  • ONLY use the BIG 6.35MM PHONE OUT on front side of your AV Receiver with the 6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter, DON'T use the PRE OUT L/R ports on back of your AV Receiver. 
  • Do NOT set the volume too high.
  • Plug wired earbuds to the port, check whether the sound is normal.1.jpg


  • Plug wired earbuds to the output port, check whether the sound is normal.
  • Try powering up the Audikast using a different USB charger (5V/0.5-2A).
  • Try one different audio cable that connecting the Audikast and your audio source.
  • Clear paired history of BOTH the Audikast and your headphones.


If the static/noise still exists, contact [email protected]  for FREE replacement pls. 



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