Sunday Plus - Troubleshooting - No sound / noisy sound

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1. You may have place the car kit in the windshield. Normally we suggest to stick it in the windshield for solar charging. If you have poor calls, we suggest you to install it in the sun visor.

2. For better conversation quality, please make sure that the your car window is closed.

3. When your phone's signal is not so well, it will affect your conversation quality(interlocutor can't hear you or sound with noise). Please confirm if this situation happens sometimes or always.

4.  If it happens always even you have closed the car window and it is well placed, try to reset the car kit:

Sunday Plus - Guide - Reset / Clear pairing history

5. If you exclude the above possibility, email to [email protected] and tell us your phone model so we can test and find the problem for you.

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