Leaf - Why cannot pair with my Bluetooth device?

Normally, when we pair Leaf with a new Bluetooth device will be completed within 5 ~ 10 seconds depends on the environment.

Below reasons will be caused cannot pair or difficult to pair -

  1. DO NOT set BOTH devices to PAIRING MODE correctly
  2. Your Bluetooth device or Leaf paired/connected to other Bluetooth device when pairing.
  3. Due to the Wireless environment interference, such as Leaf very close to your WIFI router.

So for smoothly pair Leaf with your Bluetooth device, if possible please turn off the other nearby Bluetooth devices and far away from the WIFI router, then please follow below steps to have a try:

  1. Reset / Clear pairing history of Leafhttps://support.avantree.com/hc/en-us/articles/213209986
  2. Reset / Clear pairing history of your Bluetooth device - refer to its user manual(you can search it on GOOGLE) 
  3. Ensure Leaf is in PAIRING MODE, the LED will flash BLUE and WHITE alternately.DG50-LED-pairing.gif
  4. Set your Bluetooth device to PAIRING MODE correctly. Normally, the LED should be flash quickly or two colors LED flash alternately. 
  5. Keep both devices close, and wait for connect. 

If you can not make sure how to reset your Bluetooth device or how to set it to pairing mode, please tell us the model number, then we will help to search on Google.com

If this is still FAQ is not helpful, please contact us at support@avantree.com and tell us the details, then we will do our best to help. Thanks~



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