Audition / AS9 - Troubleshooting - Pairing Issue/ Stop pairing


Keywords: Audition, pair, connect, audio cut, range


There are THREE possibilities if it stops pairing through Bluetooth- 

  1. The Headphones didn't in a paring mode.
  2. The other Bluetooth device isn't in a pairing mode or doesn't support audio output 


  1. Headphone and your Bluetooth audio device is not properly paired / connected?

Please follow the link to entering Audition Pairing Mode- Connect Audition with PC/ Mobile phone

NOTE: Ensure the headset is off. Press and hold the MFB button (about 5-7 seconds) until LED blinks BLUE and RED alternately.


     2.  Please follow the user manual of the Bluetooth Device which you want to connected with to enter into its pairing mode, and make sure the device works fine. 


If the problems can'be fixed please provide the detailed info and your AMZ order number to Avantree Service Team


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