Leaf : Why not working with PS4 / not recognised by PS4?

Avantree DG50 Leaf is a Bluetooth Audio USB adapter. Basically, as far as your USB has audio output, this adapter will support. So it works with PC, Mac, PS4, Nintendo, etc.

If you have issue using Leaf with PS4, here are some most often causes -

1. Leaf is not plugged into the PS4 completely and properly.

Please test with the USB extension cable OR remove the green rubber cover and make sure the USB is plugged in all the way. 

2. Sometimes PS4 system need a reboot to recognise new USB device

Please plug Leaf into PS4 and reboot your PS4.

3. The early versions (before 16H) might have this issue.

Please help to check the lot number of the leaf as below image

4. You have an outlier device - need replacement.

Pls try your adapter with a PC or Mac, pair with your Bluetooth device. If it is working, then it is NOT this issue. If not working at all, pls contact us for troubleshooting first. 

For above 3/4, please contact support@avantree.com, then we will arrange the replacement to you ASAP. Thanks!

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