Leaf - Troubleshooting - Short range / Audio cuts?


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Key Questions to Ask:

1. Did you place the dongle at the back USB port of computer? Move it to the front with included extension cable, how is the result?

2. Did you plug it to USB 3.0 port, try to USB 2.0 port, how is the result?

3. Did your device connect to your phones and Leaf simultaneously?Turn off the Phone's Bluetooth, how is the result?

4. Is there some wireless interference close to dongle? Wifi router or cordless telephone sets nearby? 

5. Is there a wall or people between the dongle and your BT devices?  Physical obstructions will block the Bluetooth signal.

6. Did you try to pair it again, how is the result?

7. Did you try another device? Same result? Please give us the product Brand and Model.



The Avantree Leaf uses a Class 1 CSR chipset specified at 20m/60ft in an OPEN SPACE environment without any walls or floors in the way.

Here are some common causes of short range / audio dropping out for the Leaf.

  1. The range depends on BOTH the receiving and the transmitting device. Please test your receiving Bluetooth device with a mobile phone to confirm the range is acceptable.
  2. An UNSTABLE Bluetooth connection can cause range and audio issues. Please reset/clear the pairing history of BOTH DEVICES and re-pair/connect them again.
  1. If you've plugged the Leaf into a USB 3.0 port, please change to another (preferably non 3.0) USB port. The USB 3.0 standard has known interference issues with Bluetooth.
  2. If you're watching videos or streaming music from an ONLINE source, please make sure the audio drop out issue is not caused by slow network speed
  3. Unstable power output from the USB port can also cause range and audio issues. If you're using a desktop computer, please try a USB port on the back of the computer using the extension cable. You can also try using a USB hub with a power adapter. 

If you still have issues after trying/checking all of the above suggestions, please contact us at support@avantree.com, and let us know the issues. We'll help to troubleshoot or replace the unit for you if required. Thanks.

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