Audition Pro / AS9P - Troubleshooting - Not working / No sound


Most possible causes are as follows if there is no sound of your headphones:

  1. Headphones and your Bluetooth audio device is not properly paired / connected
  2. Bluetooth audio device's output is not set as this headphone?
  3. The headphone volume is too low to be heard
  4. Headphone is a defective unit. 


  1. Headphone and your bluetooth audio device is not properly paired / connected?

          。 Ensure Audition Pro is in Standby Mode (Turn ON the headset, make sure it is NOT  connected with any other Bluetooth devices)

          。Press and Hold the V+ and MFB buttons for 5 seconds

          。After reset successfully, here will be a voice prompt 'Goodbye'. 



    2. Bluetooth audio device's output is not set as the headphones?

        1) Using with Window PC please refer --

        2) Using with iOS PC please refer --

  • Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Sound. 

  • Check the Bluetooth devices list of the sound output, then click "Avantree Audition Pro" as Output. (For More info please refer: Setup Bluetooth audio devices on iOS PC)


2) Using with TV, please refer the links as below: 


   3. Headphone volume is too low.

There is a minor chance that your headphone volume is really low and that's why you cannot hear anything. Pls try to tap click the + button to increase the volume.   


  4. Headphone is defective

Normally, when you plug a USB power cord into the headphone, you can see the LED light turns red. If no LED lights at all when you try to charge, and when you press and hold the MFB for 5s and no LED light at all, then the headphone might be defective.

We also suggest you to try with another USB cable because there is a higher chance the USB cord is broken than the headphone itself. 


If still not clear, please contact for RMA support.  


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