Audition Pro / AS9P - Troubleshooting - No sound

  1. Are both the headphones and your Bluetooth device well paired / connected?


    2. Have you set the headphones as the "audio output" for your Bluetooth device?

    1) Using with Window PC please refer --

    2) Using with iOS PC please refer --

  • Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Sound. 
  • Check the Bluetooth devices list of the sound output, then click "Avantree Audition Pro" as Output. (For More info please refer: Setup Bluetooth audio devices on iOS PC)

    3) Using with TV, please refer the links as below: 


  3. Headphone is defective

Normally, the LED light will turn red when you try to charge, if you can't see any light even after using a different USB cable, the headphone might be defective.


If still not clear, please contact for RMA support.  


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