Audition Pro / AS9P - Troubleshooting - Sounds Issues


Key words: No sounds, Noise occurs, low sounds quality, audio delay

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NO Sounds / Noise/ Sounds Quality / Sounds Delay Related- 


Q1:  Why isn't it working? (Why is there no sound?Both two sides/one side)


Q2: Why I still suffering from an audio delay even I use your Audition Pro? 

Please refer this link to get some Knowledge of Audio Codec and Audio Delay

Avantree Audition Pro supports aptX-LL, please make sure the Bluetooth device you connected with is aptX low latency supported. (e.g. Avantree Oasis, Avantree Audikast, Avantree Priva III ) If you can't confirm this point, please kindly consult with the manufacturer of the Bluetooth Adapter/device you use.


Q3: Why there is NOISE from Audition Pro ?

There should be no NOISE from Audition Pro when it is paired and connected with Bluetooth transmitter for PC / TV. If NOISE occurs, Most Frequent Trouble Shooting Solutions are -

1)  Do not power the transmitter from the USB charging port of TV / PC / Laptop in order to avoid NOISE. Connect the transmitter to a high quality charger for better audio streaming.  

2) If there is still NOISE, test Audition Pro with a mobile phone. If no problem, you can contact the transmitter seller for help. 


Q4: Why the Sound Quality is so low when I use them with Mac? 

Please refer this LINK to find out how to deal with low sound quality when use AS9P with OS Mac



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