Audition Pro / AS9P - Troubleshooting - Sounds Issues


THIS article illustrates some general Sounds Issues Related Q&A of Avantree Audition Pro (No sounds, Noise occurs, low sounds quality, audio delay) aims to help customers to know your Audition Pro better and solve problems for time saving. 

If your problem is not included in this article and the answers are helpless for you please feel free to contact directly. ❤️


NO Sounds / Noise/ Sounds Quality / Sounds Delay Related- 


Q1:  Why isn't it working? (Why is there no sound?Both two sides/one side)

  • NO sound from one side - under Bluetooth mode or wire mode or both?

        >If only under wire mode, can you try with another 3.5mm audio cable?

        >If under Bluetooth, please RESET Audition Pro as the following steps>>>

          。 Ensure Audition Pro is in Standby Mode (Turn ON the headset, make sure it is NOT  connected with any other Bluetooth devices)

          。Press and Hold the V+ and MFB buttons for 5 seconds

          。After reset successfully, here will be a voice prompt 'Goodbye'. 


Q2: Why I still suffering from an audio delay even I use your Audition Pro? 

Please refer this link to get some Knowledge of Audio Codec and Audio Delay

Avantree Audition Pro support aptX-LL, Please make sure the Bluetooth device you connected with Audition Pro is aptX low latency supported. (e.g. Avantree Oasis, Avantree Audikast, Avantree Priva III ) If you can't confirm this point, please kindly consult with the manufacturer of the Bluetooth Adapter/device you use.


Q3: Why there is NOISE from Audition Pro ?

There should be no NOISE from Audition Pro when it is paired and connected with Bluetooth transmitter for PC / TV. If NOISE occurs, Most Frequent Trouble Shooting Solutions are -

1)  Do not power the transmitter from the USB charging port of TV / PC / Laptop in order to avoid NOISE. Connect the transmitter to a high quality charger for better audio streaming.  

2) If there is still NOISE, test Audition Pro with a mobile phone. If no problem, you can contact the transmitter seller for help. 


Q4: Why the Sound Quality is so low when I use them with Mac? 

Please refer this LINK to find out how to deal with low sound quality when use AS9P with OS Mac



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