TWS109 - Why it does not work? (No sound, cannot power on, can not connect, etc.)

Below troubleshooting applies the following problems

  1. Can not power on
  2. Can not connect
  3. Indicated as connected, but still no sound (one / both earbuds)

Can not power on

Please fully charge it and try to power on again.

Can not connect

  1. Make sure TWS109 is in pairing mode - press & hold the power button for about 5s. LED will flash BLUE and RED alternately.
  2. Make sure the Bluetooth on your audio device (smartphone, tablet) is activated.
  3. If neither works, please clear pairing history. Then try to connect it again.

Indicated as connected, but still no sound

  1. "Left, right channels connected" indicates, one earbud no soud

     2. "Left, right channels connected" indicates, both earbuds no sound

  • Please try to clear pairing history in both earbuds.
  • Then try to pair and connect with another device.
  • If works,  please clear pairing history again.
  • Delect any "Avantree TWS109" on the first "no sound" device. Then try to pair and connect it again.


  1. If used with PC / notebook, please select TWS109 as default playback device.
  2. If used with Android phone, please make sure TWS is both checked as media audio and call audio.
  3. Please make sure you are not running any applications support live voice function, such as GoToMeeting, WeChat, etc., while you use two earbuds.

If none of above works, please contact


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