10BS - Quick User Guide

2. Power on

3. Pairing and connecting

Auto Power On ( Built-in Motion Sensor)

Step 1:(Under off status)Press and hold the MFB button for 7 seconds until LED indicator flashes Blue and Red alternately.
Step 2:Activate Bluetooth on your phone and select “Avantree 10BS” to connect.
Now Avantree HM10BS is connected.



Note: Once paired and connected, 10BS will auto power on and reconnect to your phone when car door opened.


4. Connect with two phones simultaneously (multipoint function)

The default setting of 10BS’s multipoint function is on.


Step 1:Pair and connect 10BS with the first phone as above. Then turn off the Bluetooth of the first phone.
Step 2:Turn off the speakerphone.
Step 3:Press and hold MFB button for 7 seconds until the LED flashes Red and Blue alternately. Activate the Bluetooth on your second phone and connect “Avantree 10BS”
Step 4:Manually activate the Bluetooth on your first phone and connect to “Avantree 10BS”
Now two phone is paired and connected.




1. How can I turn off/on the “Auto Power On” function?
At on status, press and hold the “Mute Button” for 3 seconds, the Green LED flashes 3 times. (At on status, press and hold the “Mute Button” for 3 seconds-the Green LED flashes ONCE-turn on the Motion Sensor again.)

2. How to make a call by voice?
Make sure your smartphone was CONNECTED with WIFI or (WLAN/Mobile Data) . Paired 10BS with your smartphone (follow the user manual). Press MFB of 10BS once and say "call xxx" (the name of the person you wish to call).

3. The car kit can’t connect with my phone or it is always disconnected, what should I do?
Make sure that the Bluetooth function of your phone is on. If not, activate the Bluetooth and connect "Avantree 10BS".
You may need to reset 10BS if it is not working as expected.  First make sure the 10BS is on. And your phone is disconnected from our 10BS. Then press and hold both V+ and V- for about 10 seconds until the LED flashes blue and red, then release the buttons.


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