DG40S / DG40SA - Troubleshooting - Not working with Win 10


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Key Questions to ask:

  1. When dongle plugged in, can you see the Bluetooth icon from bottom right screen - Fig 1.a)? Blue color?
  2. What Error message did you get?
  3. Is your PC native Win 10 (Shipped with Win 10)?
  4. What device did you try to pair with it? Was that device in PAIRING MODE (fast flashing blue & red most time) when you try to use it?

There are different reasons causing DG40s does not work in Win 10 system, among which previously installed Bluetooth driver / native Bluetooth hardware conflict is the MAIN cause (>90%). Please note:-

DG40SA/DG40S (Plug and Play) can work with NATIVE(PC shipped with Win10 installed) Win 10's build-in Wireless Bluetooth driver.  

DG40S with install Bluesoleil can work with UPDATED(from Windows 7/8) Windows 10's wireless Bluetooth driver 

Please take some time to check below step by step - 

1. Check the Driver Conflict is the cause

2. Fixing a Driver conflict 

3. Win 10 driver is not updated or Broken

4. Email support or 5. Online Clinic




 1. Check the Driver Conflict is the cause

REMOVE the dongle from USB and then check your task bar as well as Device manager.

Task bar - at the right corner of your screen (click on the "Up" arrow if it's hidden in the notifications area).

Device Manager - Click the white WIN 10 Icon on left bottom corner of screen and search 'Device Manager'

At the moment, dongle is NOT plugged in. If you can see any sign of Bluetooth icon or Bluetooth sign from either task bar (gray or blue) or Device manager, there is a high chance your issue is caused by driver conflict.

If no sign of Bluetooth anywhere, and then you plug the dongle in and wait for 5-20sec.

a) you see the Bluetooth icon in blue color below, it indicates the DG40S dongle should be working normally. Just click Add Bluetooth Device and follow the instruction on screen. 

b) If the Bluetooth icon is GREY or NON-EXIST - please unplug the DG40S and plug it back in again or try changing to another USB port - wait for 5-20 seconds for Windows to recognize the new device. Or reboot the computer with DG40S plugged in.

If still GREY or NON-EXIST, then contact support@avantree.com for FREE replacement or refund no matter the purchase is within or over 30 days.

2. Fixing a Driver conflict 

Microsoft Windows 10 provides native Bluetooth driver. If you've installed Bluesoleil, or CSR Harmony etc, please uninstall it using Windows' "Uninstall or Change a Program" feature from the control panel. (Search Program from Windows search bar and you will find it)

2.1. Uninstall BlueSoleil

See below for a video guide

2.2. CSR Harmony Wireless Software Stack

Harmony is no longer supported by CSR. If you have this installed for some reason, it will stop your system from working well with the dongle. Pls check your Program list and uninstall it. Then reboot your computer. 


2.3. Other different third party drivers 

Step 1. Disable all other Bluetooth drivers

Please unplug the DG40S dongle and disable all Bluetooth device drivers (both built-in and third party).

Click the bottom-left Start button on desktop, type device manager in the search box and tap Device Manager on the menu.
Expand the Bluetooth radio button and right-click and select Disable for each item.

In the example below the "Generic Bluetooth Adapter" is the built-in Bluetooth device driver while the "Logitech BT Adapter" is a third party device driver. See example:

Step 2. Plug the DG40S back in again to see if it can be detected by "Plug and Play". Check to see if the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar has changed to BLUE.
If it's still not working then proceed to step 4.

Step 3. Uninstall all third party Bluetooth device drivers.
(No need to uninstall the built-in "Generic" driver but leave it "disabled").

Click the bottom-left Start button on desktop, type device manager in the search box and tap Device Manager on the menu.
Expand the Bluetooth radio button and right-click and select Uninstall for each third party driver.

Other Bluetooth driver reported conflict including Plantronics Hub Software and many more...

All these need to be uninstalled or disabled.

After the uninstall process completes please reboot your computer.

Now plug the dongle in -

Your Device Manager Bluetooth part should have one CSR Bluetooth Radio only.  

You should now see the Bluetooth icon in your taskbar turn BLUE.

If the above steps does not fix your problem, then go to next >  

3. Win 10 driver is not updated or Broken

Native Windows 10 comes with a Bluetooth driver. Windows 10 drivers are normally weekly automatically updated by Microsoft, as far as your have a legitimate version and your computer is actively online.

For Some Win 7 upgraded Win 10 user, there might be some driver missing from the PC. Pls refer to this article to update your Windows 10 Bluetooth driver https://support.microsoft.com/en-hk/help/4028443/windows-update-drivers-in-windows-10

If the above driver update does not fix your problem, it means the native Win 10 Bluetooth driver is still missing or not function well. Therefore you are advised to install BlueSoliel driver (for Win 7/8) from the CD or from our support site

After install the BlueSoliel driver, following the steps below > 

Plug dongle into USB >> reboot PC >> Check the task bar / Bluetooth icon and start to use Bluetooth

We also notice higher issue rate with gamers' Self-installed PC. Pls make sure all your USB ports are working well, all drivers are updated.  

4. Email support

If above steps does not fix your issue, pls email us the following screen shots, 4 images in total and we will advice 

1. Your Task bar screen shot when dongle plugged in - one image 

2. Your Device Manager Bluetooth part screen shot when dongle plugged in, arrow before Bluetooth clicked open - one image

3. Your Add or Remove Program search result with 'Bluetooth' and 'Wireless' - 2 images

5. Online Clinic

If you cannot get it work, please do NOT go search online or download any other third party drivers. We offer twice weekly Online Clinic to help you to fix the issue. A quick 5min screen sharing could save you hours of time and frustration.  

Online Clinic link - https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/251936453

Time: Every Tuesday 9-11am EST / Every Friday, 5-7pm PST  

European customers can join the Tuesday session. 

Some collected screenshot from users

1. Win 10, not working. --- After disable the Bluetooth USB Module, all works well now


2. to be continued ...

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