HT3189 - Guide - Use HT3189 with PC/laptop

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The HT3189 transmitter supports Micro USB digital audio input from your PC/Laptop. This delivers much better audio quality compared to plugging it into the standard 3.5mm AUX analog port.


Step 1. Connect Transmitter to your PC/laptop 

Connect the transmitter to PC/laptop via the included Micro USB data/charging cable.


Note: The connecting cable must have both DATA SYNC and charging capabilities.


Step 2. Turn on Both Devices

Turn on transmitter: Slide on/off switch to "ON" position.

Turn on headphone: Press and hold "MFB" button for 3 seconds until BLUE LED is on and you hear "Welcome to Avantree".

The transmitter and headphone will AUTO-CONNECT after turning on, you will hear "Connected" from the headphone, and the LED on the transmitter flashes BLUE TWICE every 5 seconds.


Step 3. Set as default "Playback device" on PC/laptop

1) Right-click the speaker icon in the bottom-right of the taskbar and select “Playback devices”.


2) Set the “Avantree Priva III” as the “Default Device”.



Note: For Skype audio settings, please select “Avantree Priva III” for both Speakers and Microphone.




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