HT3189 - Troubleshooting - Charging, operation range, clear paired history, etc.

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1. Powering/Charging

Powering the Bluetooth transmitter:

The Bluetooth transmitter for the HT3189 set does NOT have a built-in battery, it requires USB power. Plug the transmitter into a TV USB port (preferred), phone charger, PC USB port or a USB outlet with 5V/0.5-2A output using the included USB charging cable.


Charging the headphones:

If you hear the “low battery” voice prompt from the headphones, please charge them as soon as possible. You can use a phone charger, a USB port from your PC or TV or any USB outlet with 5V/500mA-2A output using the included USB charging cable.

It takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge the headphones. The LED will turn RED during charging and turn off once charging is complete.


2. Short Range/Audio Cutting in-and-out

Normal working range of HT3189 is 10m~30m line-of-sight. If you find your range is noticeably shorter please refer to points below:

  1. Try clearing the paired history of HT3189 (see point 3 below).
  2. There may be interference from other devices nearby like Wi-Fi routers or a smart TV box, etc. Please try changing the location of the transmitter.
  3. Physical obstructions between the devices. Avoid using the headphones and transmitter with obstructions between them such as walls, partitions, metal dividers etc.
  4. If you are using this set with a PC please ensure the computer’s USB driver is up-to-date. You can also try changing to another USB port.


3. Clear Paired History

If you are experiencing unexpected issues such as short work range, audio cutting in and out, not pairing, etc. you may need to clear the paired history of the HT3189 headphones and transmitter.

Clear the paired history of the transmitter

  1. After turning on, press and hold the MFB for 5 seconds until the LED flashes alternately RED and BLUE.
  2. Press and hold the MFB for 5 seconds until the BLUE LED is on for 2 seconds. This clears all the paired history of the transmitter except for the HT3189 headphones. The transmitter then automatically enters pairing mode with the LED flashing alternately RED and BLUE.

Clear the paired history of the headphones 

After turning on, press and hold both “+” and “-” for 10 seconds until the RED and BLUE LEDs are BOTH on for 2 seconds (looks PINK) - now all the paired history of the headphones is cleared. It then enters pairing mode automatically with the LED flashing alternately RED and BLUE



4. The model of devices included in the HT3189

The Bluetooth transmitter is the Priva III and the Bluetooth headphones are the AS9S.

You can use the Priva III with other Bluetooth headsets but you may find some differences in the performance when compared to the AS9S. As an example here are some differences between the AS9S and our Avantree Audition Pro headphone:

  1. When used with the Priva III, the Audition Pro uses the aptX-LL codec (for coding/decoding data), while the AS9S uses the FastStream codec. Both codecs can transfer audio with a virtually undetectable delay of only 40ms. Because of this both of them are ideal for TV/movies/video. However the Audition Pro outperforms the AS9S in audio quality, while the AS9S is better for video gaming as it supports music while calling.
  2. The Audition Pro is foldable - the AS9S is not.
  3. The Audition Pro supports NFC - the AS9S does not.
  4. The Audition Pro has a bass on/off feature - the AS9S does not. 


5. Sound coming from only one side

If you hear sound from only one side of the headphones while watching TV, please check below:

  1. Check the audio output from TV: connect a pair of wired ear-buds/another headphone to the audio output you're using - either RCA OUT or AUX 3.5mm OUT. Use the included AUX cable and the 3.5mm to RCA audio cable if needed. Check if you can hear sound from both sides. If still only hear sound from one side, the audio output on your TV is not working properly; if you can hear sound from both sides, please proceed to the next step to narrow down the cause.
  2. Check whether it is caused by the transmitter: Use the included 3.5mm audio cable and plug the AS9S headphone directly into your smart phone/tablet - does it sound normal? If yes, then we can conclude that the issue is caused by the transmitter; if not, please proceed to the next step to narrow down the cause.
  3. Check whether it is caused by headset or the audio cable: Connect the AS9S headphone to your smart phone/tablet using BLUETOOTH - does it sound normal? If yes, then the issue is caused by the audio cable; if not, then the headphones are the problem.

After you confirm the problem is caused by either the headphones, transmitter or audio cable, please contact [email protected], we will DEFINITELY arrange a new replacement for you!



If any more help needed, you may contact [email protected] for help. Also, to make sure all our users can use Avantree products properly, we offer Avantree Online Clinic to help you with your set up / installation FREE of Charge, click below link for details:


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