DG40S - Need Driver or Plug-and-Play?

For DG40S to work properly with your computer, a corresponding Bluetooth driver needs to be installed.  The adapter contains a radio transceiver and controller.  It relies on installed driver to handle communication between the computer and other Bluetooth devices. 

If the computer starts driver installation after you plug in the DG40S and you see Bluetooth icon shows up on your task bar once the installation is completed, this is Plug-and-Play.  The computer installs Windows own Bluetooth driver to run DG40S.  This happens to most of Windows 8.1 and 10 computers.

Here is the latest DG40 software / Driver / Program:

IVT BlueSoleil 9.2.494.2 (Avantree Specific! Click to download)

For Windows 7, 8 and older version users, we recommend installing BlueSoleil software for the following reason: Microsoft didn’t include Bluetooth stack in Windows before 7 and Bluetooth stack in Windows 7 doesn’t support Advanced Audio Distribution Profile.  So if you want to use audio application on the computer you need to install BlueSoleil driver.

For some Windows 8, 8.1 users, if driver installation doesn’t happen automatically after the DG40S is plugged in, please install BlueSoleil driver. 

For Windows 10 users, if you want to stream from a phone to the computer, you need to install BlueSoleil because Windows 10 doesn’t support this Bluetooth profile.

Windows 10 users - NO need to install BlueSoleil for normal use! 

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