DG40S - Driver does not load


Adapter driver is software required by the computer to exchange data with external Bluetooth devices. The computer is such a complicated system that there are many reasons if the driver doesn't load. Following are several things you can check when you run into this problem. 

* Computer can only handle one set of Bluetooth system. If your computer already has a built-in Bluetooth radio or other Bluetooth driver, it will prevent the DG40S driver from loading. You need to disable the built-in Bluetooth radio and uninstall the driver. 

Uninstalling Bluetooth driver scan get involving sometimes. Best way is to go to Programs and Features in Control Panel to uninstall. For some programs, this step doesn't remove all pieces in the driver. You might need professional help to find all Bluetooth related software and remove it. For BlueSoleil, previous version won't let the version for DG40S install. You need to uninstall the old version first. 

If you use BlueSoleil in Windows 10 having built-in Bluetooth and the DG40S stopped working after Windows updates, please check whether Windows re-installs its radio and driver. Then disable radio and remove the driver. 

* Anti-virus programs can prevent installation as well. Disable them temporarily before starting the driver installation. 

* There are reported problems of loading Bluetooth driver when a computer was updated from an older Windows version to a later one not through a clean install. It might be caused by some carried-over Bluetooth files from older version that are not compatible with Bluetooth in the new version. If you think this is the case, please get help from a clear update. 

* Make sure Start up type is Bluetooth Support Service is set as "Automatic" in Control Panel, search for "Service" and double click. Go to "Bluetooth Support Service" line and double click to open properties window in "General" tab, go to "Start up Type".

* If Windows tries to install its own Bluetooth driver and fails, please check "Window Update" with the DG40S plugged in. Identify Bluetooth related updates and run them. Then restart the computer. 


The above list is not exclusive. Please contact us. 





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