Leaf User Guide - How to pair Leaf / DG50 with your headphones/speaker?

Step 1: The first time you plug leaf into computer USB port, the PC will       install drivers(1) automatically.

Step 2: Set Leaf to PAIRING MODE – The first time the leaf is used it will auto enter pairing mode, LED flashes BLUE and WHIT(or BLUE and ORANGE) alternately, if it doesn't, please hold MFB for 3 seconds.

Step 3: Set your headphones/receiver to PAIRING MODE(2). Keep the devices in close proximity to each other and wait until the LEDs indicating pairing has completed.

Driver: Software will be installed automatically each time Leaf is inserted into different USB ports of PC/laptop. This process takes 5-30s depends on computer. And this will not happen on subsequent connections. 


  • PAIRING MODE: Discoverable mode, LED flashes very quickly or flashes two colors alternately.
  • Reconnection: usually once you turn on your headphones/receiver, it will automatically reconnect to leaf. Otherwise, please try to press the MFB once on the Leaf to reconnect them
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