Quick User Guide for a Pair of Saturn Pro (BTTC-200L-TTN-DB)

Step 1: Connect 2 pcs of Saturn Pro

Important Notice: Please UNPLUG it from power during Pairing.

We pre-paired them before leaving the factory. And you will find one of them is in RX
(Receiver) mode, other one is in TX (Transmitter) mode.

  1. Please turn on receiver unit FIRST – press and hold the big button for 3 seconds until the LED flashes BLUE for 1 second.
  2. Then turn on transmitter unit as above.
  3. Keep them closely to wait for 5~30 seconds until the both LEDs flash BLUE three times every 5 seconds,which means pairing successfully. 
  4. Ready to connect the audio devices.

Step 2: Connect to transmitter unit to TV or any analog audio source


Step 3: Connect Receiver unit to headphone / Speaker



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