Avantree Leaf (DG50) - Operational range with different Bluetooth devices

The Bluetooth operational range not only depends on transmitter, but also on the other side headphones/speaker, environment(wifi), etc.

Below is our testing data (same side = leaf and headphone Bluetooth antenna is line of sight; Opposite side = leaf and headphone antenna are blocked by human body)

Leaf with Audition Pro - Same side 100m / 320 feet - Opposite side 40m / 120 feet
Leaf with Back Beat Pro - Same side 50m / 160 feet - Opposite side 8m / 25 feet
Leaf with Avantree Audition - Same side 80m / 250 feet - Opposide site 15m / 45 feet
Leaf with Sony MDG-10RBT - Same side 90m / 280 feet - Opposide site 8m / 25 feet

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