Apico / AH8M - User Manual (English)

Remark: there are two verions of this item, version 1 without Microphone, version 2 with Mic. 


1. Product Overview

1)LED indicator


Version 1.

Apico without Microphone


Version 2.

Apico with Mic

2) Multi-function button (MFB)
3) Charging socket
4) Microphone

2. What's in box?

A. Avantree Apico Earbud

B. USB charging cable

C. Silicone ear buds

D. Carry case

E. User Quick Guide 

3. Pairing / Connecting

Step 1 Ensure the earbud is off. 

Step 2 Press and hold the MFB for about 3 seconds until LED blinks BLUE and RED alternately.

Step 3 Activate Bluetooth on your phone and search the new devices. 

Step 4 Select "Avantree Apico" to pair and connect.

Step 5 Once paired and connected, you will hear "Pairing Completed". 


A. Once paired and connected, the earbud will automatically connect to your phone whenever you turn the earbud on again, provided it in range.

B. The earbud will automatically switch itself off if disconnected over 5 minutes. 

4. Multipoint - Connect with two phones simultaneously

Step 1 Pair and connect earbud with the first phone as above. Then turn earbud off. 

Step 2 Turn on the earbud and let it go into pairing mode again by pressing and holding the "MFB" button untill the LED blinks blue and red alternatively. 

Step 3 Pair and connect earbud with the second phone as above.

Step 4 Connect with the first phone manually.

Note: Once paired and connected, the earbud will automatically connect the last paired devices firstly and you need to manually connect with another devices. 

5. How to use?

Button Function Operation
MFB     Power on Press and hold the MFB for about 2 seconds until the Blue LED flashes 3 times
Power off Press and hold the MFB for about 3 seconds until the RED LED stay on 1 second
Get into pairing mode Press and hold the MFB until the LED blinks alternatively BLUE and RED
Answer / End a call (only work with Version 2) Press MFB once when a call is incoming or in progress
Reject a call (only work with Version 2) Press and hold MFB for 1 second when a call is incoming and you will heard a tone and voice prompt "call rejected" meanwhile

Last number redial

(only work with Version 2) 

Double click MFB
Music play Press MFB once 
Music stop Press MFB once when playing music

6. LED Indicator

LED Indicator Apico Status
Blue LED flash 3 times Power on
Red LED on 1 second Power off
The Red and Blue LED flash alternate Pairing in progress
Red LED flash twice Low Battery
Red LED steady on Charging in progress
Red LED off Charging completed

7. How to reset Apico?

Step 1 Make sure the earbud is OFF.

Step 2 From off, press and hold MFB for about 10 seconds untill the RED LED trun off.

8. How to charge?

When the battery power is low, the LED will flash red twice and "Battery Low" voice prompt was given every 20 seconds. Please charge the earbud via the supplied USB to AC adapter or PC USB port. It normally takes about 2 hours to fully charge. The LED will stay red when charging and will turn off when charging is complete. 

9. Product Specification

. Bluetooth compliance: Bluetooth 4.1

. Support profiles: HSP and A2DP profile

. Stand-by time: 80 hours

. Music time: up to 3 hours

. Battery charging time: about 2 hours

. Battery type: rechargeable lithium battery

. Dimensions: 23 x 20 x 23mm

. Input: 5V, 500mA

. Weight: 3.8g

Note:  The music time and standby time may vary when used with different mobile phones or other compatible Bluetooth devices, usage setting, usage styles, music formats and environments. 






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